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Hosteria Il Canevaro

In ancient times, special warehouses, called "canove", were built to supply the cities and armies. The officer in charge of managing the canova was the canovaio or, in the northern denomination, "canevaro". Over the centuries, with the transformation of the inhabited areas, the figure of the Canevaro has not disappeared, but has maintained its centrality in the social life of the community.

The canova was transformed into the cellar, into that public meeting place that guaranteed the cohesion of the community, where men from all social classes entered to eat and drink, talk and conclude business, leaving immense crumbs of humanity between glasses and crockery. The Canevaro thus continued to play his role as dispenser of food, wine, health and well-being, guaranteeing the community a possibility of physical and internal refreshment. The present day sees a further evolution of the canova, but the canevaro continues, in another aspect, in another place, to still want to act as a pivot to the joy, serenity and taste of those who seek, even in small things, traces of reality of life.

The perfect place to rediscover typical cuisine revisited with lightness, the Osteria Il Canevaro meets the favor of all those who prefer refined dishes with carefully selected seasonal ingredients.

The menu offered in the dining room varies every three months based on seasonal ingredients, allowing us to always offer varied and refined proposals. Ninety percent of the first courses are made with homemade egg pasta.
The meats served at the table are a selection of 1st choice national and extra-national meats. The desserts offered are all prepared by the chef and served with refinement and elegance.

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Address Ristorante Gourmet
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