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The highest Tibetan bridge in Europe

Be brave, breathe and let go of your feelings.
Opening Easter 2024

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Sellano's Tibetan bridge, adrenaline and excitement in the heart of Umbria

The Tibetan bridge joins Sellano, one of Italy's most beautiful medieval villages, to the hamlet of Montesanto, with a thrilling crossing suspended in the air. At 175 metres above the Vigi River valley, it is  in fact the highest in Europe! If you are planning a vacation in Umbria, you must see this place!

Halfway between the cities of Foligno and Spoleto, the Tibetan bridge of Sellano is an unmissable experience in the beautiful and wild Umbrian Apennines, surrounded by unspoiled nature and breathtaking views.
This Tibetan bridge, the only one of its kind in Umbria and in the world, is a magnificent engineering feat that can be walked on safely by everyone: experienced hikers, intrepid young people, as well as families and groups of friends.

Get ready to take more than 1,000 steps on this bridge high up over the incredible scenery of Valnerina. In addition to being the highest in Europe, the bridge has the characteristic of going uphill. From the departure point in Sellano to the arrival in Montesanto, there are in fact 68 metres of altitude gain.

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 Buying online is the most recommended option, because you can pick the date and departure time in advance so as not to miss your chance to cross the bridge. 

Buy your ticket now

Bridge crossing hours

The Tibetan Bridge is open continuously in both the summer and winter seasons, and you can get on it in time slots that can be booked at the time of purchase. With the opening of the online shopping site, the final schedules will soon be published.

How to get there

The bridge is located in the center of the village, adjacent to the old town hall.


How does it work

The discontinuous tread (meaning there is a gap between each tread, which increases the adrenaline rush) Tibetan bridge is an acrobatic overhead route over the Vigi River valley that is travelled hooked to a harness, with aids provided, and requires a great deal of courage and sense of adventure to cross. To be able to walk across the bridge, you must be at least 120 cm or 4 ft tall, be in good mental and physical health and not suffer from altitude sickness. Below you will find all the information you need to book your ticket and get ready for your adrenaline-pumping experience. 


Online and on-site ticket purchase

You can purchase your ticket to cross the bridge either online, completely securely (and save money), or on-site at the info-ticket counter near the departure point.

Buying online is the most recommended option, because you can pick the date and departure time in advance so as not to miss your chance to cross the bridge. For the on-site purchase solution, however, it will be necessary to go along with the established hourly/daily limit of admissions to the bridge, based on those already booked online. In fact, the online purchasing solution is the one recommended for everyone, not only because you save money but because it lets you book in advance by picking the time and day on the calendar based on the actual number of vacancies left online for the selected time or day. In high season, booking well in advance is highly recommended, especially for large groups or families. Purchasing your ticket at the on-site information booth, in fact, does not guarantee that there will be vacancies for the same day or for a specific time slot, as the system draws from the remaining total daily vacancies from that already booked online.
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Entrance to the bridge

The entrance to the Tibetan bridge is fully automated.

You must pass through a state-of-the-art turnstile equipped with a scanner reader that allows entry and counts the people going on and coming off, respecting the facility's maximum hourly flow rate. After purchasing your ticket online, the system generates and sends a PDF file with the digital ticket to the user by e-mail. Therefore, during registration it is better to provide an e-mail address you are currently using! The digital ticket includes a QR code that can be scanned by the reader on the entrance turnstiles, simply by using your smartphone.
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Clothing and personal safety

Bridge personnel are at the entrance of the Tibetan bridge to welcome you and help you put on a safety harness.

The user is led to the entrance, told the rules of behaviour, and secured to the appropriate safety lifeline. You must only use the technical harness provided by the organization and included in the cost of the ticket. Other personal aids are unacceptable, as the safety lifeline uses a special carabiner that, once clipped in, can only be removed at the end of the route, at the Montesanto Station.
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Tibetan Bridge Route

During the trip, you are required to follow the rules of behaviour and safety rules found in the facility's service regulations.

All movable items that can potentially fall should be secured and/or placed in buttoned, zipped or backpack pockets. Proper shoes are also needed, so read more in the FAQ section. The bridge is suspended above the Vigi River valley at a maximum height of 175 metres, making it, along with the Tibetan bridge at Arouca in Portugal, the highest in Europe! It has a total length of 511 metres, an altitude gain between the two stations of 68 metres, and it takes no less than 1,023 steps on the planks to cross it! During the crossing, at the height of each portal, the steps close to allow brief stops to admire the surrounding landscape and to take photos and selfies. Surrounded by the unspoiled nature of the Umbrian Apennines and the only one of its kind in Umbria, from here you can admire the complexity and beauty of this engineering feat and enjoy the surrounding landscape over the two villages, experiencing unique feelings and sharing enviable selfies with friends and family!
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Getting off and returning to Sellano

Once you reach the beautiful medieval hamlet of Montesanto, exit the turnstile.

The staff there will collect your technical harness and you will be able to take a look around this small hamlet. After handing in your safety aids, to go back to Sellano, you can return on foot, via the scenic trail from Montesanto down the side of the Vigi towards Lake Sellano. At these two lakes (one for recreational fishing) you can relax, drink or eat at the facility there called Loch Ness and then easily ascend in about 20 minutes to Sellano. For nature lovers, a trail leads from the lake to Rote Falls. In future, there will be a shuttle service that will start from Montesanto and bring people back to Sellano. The shuttle service ticket will be available for purchase online and on-site along with the Tibetan Bridge ticket.
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